Thursday, July 10, 2008

Liberal Fascism over at Jonah's Place

His readers jump right in. Rather, go here and just keep scrolling.

1. Jonah Goldberg responds to a point I made about Liberal Fascism here. Read the whole thing.

2. I've been very busy of late. Posts coming soon. If you like the joint, please poke around. Philosoblog is an archivey kind of blog.

3. I'm now gearing up to homeschool my boys. What an adventure! If you're worried about the experience your kids will have in school, pull them out and homeschool them. Find a way. Move down an economic class if you must. Don't be frozen in resignation. Control yourself.

4. I'm performing at the Capital Fringe Festival (Washington, D.C.) this month in "Poe and All That Jazz." If Poe fascinates you, come see his biography portrayed by two very good actors (John Cobb and Patty Finn.) A pianist and I (on bass) will provide musical punctuation.

5. Did I mention that if you have your health you have everything? You need to see this important truth. Beyond that, cultivate the moral virtues and determine goals in your life that will make it deeply satisfying to you. Then doggedly and with great self-control work toward those goals. Still, it's so very important to see that if you have your health you have everything.