Thursday, September 12, 2002

Greetings. Where Philosoblog has been recently: 1. Common sense is the reliable method of reasoning our way to the right thing to do. 2. The leftist view of social justice is almost entirely erroneous. 3. The grain of truth in the latter is that the rich ought to give minimal welfare aid to those amongst us who are extremely unfortunate through no fault of their own. 4. Libertarianism is not entirely correct; it overlooks the aforementioned point 3, and gives short shrift to considerations of security and traditional culture. We've also taken a look at religion in American political life and found that all reasonable parties may be satisfied with it. I hope you will read these essays and make comments where they err.

Philosoblog's future has the following essays in store:
Contemporary Leftism: Marx’s Lasting Legacy
The Meaning of Life
Moral Equivalence
The Philosophy of John Adams
The Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson
The Conservatism of John Kekes