Sunday, May 11, 2008

The White Vote

You're being hoodwinked by The Man again.

Sometimes The Man is the talking head who tells you Obama is having a tough time getting the non-college-educated white vote. Because those whites are racist, of course. Got that? For 20 years Obama attends (and now continues to attend) a church ridden with the social disease but whites who find this objectionable are the racists. Do you have that straight? Whites who won't vote for guy who prefers the racist milieu are racists. Go ahead and believe it if you don't have the guts to stare down The Man with the race-baiting eyes. You're being lied to in order to coax you into voting for an unqualified candidate. The lie is that the racist is not a racist, and those who object to racism are racists. The Man is trying to cripple your mind with guilt. If you don't have a spine, you will let him do it. It's your choice, not his.

In fact Obama has no difficulty in getting the white vote. He has difficulty in getting the vote of people who do not have the social disease of racism. College-educated people and blacks suffer from the disease at much higher rates than anyone else, so they're voting for Obama because he's black and because they do not mind his preference for a racist church. There is no evidence that non-college-educated white voters won't vote for a black. They simply prefer a candidate who has a record of achievement, who doesn't demonstrate poor judgment about abiding in a racist milieu, and who won't lie when asked whether he knew that he had embraced a racist minister for 20 years.

In your mind, juxtapose the facts with the hypnotic force. If you just keep the facts in view and calmly watch your inclination to relent to The Man's mesmeric influence on your disposition to feel guilt, then the inclination will subside. You will see The Man for the demon that he is.

The Man may also be found in Alan Abramowitz. He says you're a racist if you believe "that African American poverty and other problems are largely the result of lack of ambition and effort, rather than white racism and discrimination." He implies that you won't vote for Obama because you have this belief and because Obama prefers a milieu that is beside itself with rage in rejecting this belief. Go ahead, accept what The Man is saying. The problem isn't black communities dysfunctional culture. After all, a black kid can't study hard, graduate from high school, leave the milieu of this dysfunctional culture, find employment, and have a good life. Right? Sure. You can believe that. Anyway, believing it is easier than staring down The Man with the mesmeric eyes. It's easy to slip into his control - as easy as slipping into sleep.

The Man hates it when black kids leave their dysfunctional culture and succeed. The demon in him howls whenever these kids go on as adults to wax proud of themselves for it. He hates everyone to be treated as an individual. He lusts for control over people grouped by this or that identifier, as long as the identifier isn't content of their individual and unique characters. He will never stop trying to trick all into submitting to his power when in fact he has control over no one who doesn't choose to submit.

You have a good heart. You feel horrific shame at the thought of discovering that you are a racist. You are kind and trusting. Unfortunately, there is a wolf who would prey upon you because you have such a heart. You need to be able to stare into the wolf's face calmly, strongly and without anger. When you do this you will find that he has no power over you.