Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tom Perriello's Fascist Rhetoric

Let me paraphrase someone I heard today. Does this sound familiar?
  • Our generation tosses aside the false distinction between left and right.
  • Enough talk, it is time now for action. Enough talk, more action!
  • If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem and you're in the way.
Is that Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives Tom Perriello speaking today in Charlottesville Virginia? Or is it any number of fascists and other big-government leftists from Mussolini and Hitler forward?

It's both. Third Way. Enough talk, time for action. Get out of our way. Same old totalitarian song and dance.

Sadly, this is how stupid and dysfunctional our political life is today, that shopworn fascism still passes as decent and plausible political speech in our mainstream political forums.

In fact politics is a matter of deliberation over different ideas of what should be done, followed by action upon the most prudent and morally permissible of these. The position that we should dismiss all this debate, simply act, and portray anyone who disagrees with what we decide to do as part of the problem is fascist ideology.

Tom, let the hyperventilation and enthusiasm subside. Sit quietly for a moment and reflect upon the truisms that there are serious philosophical divisions between conservatives and liberals about what should be done. Understand if you can that there is no Third Way, although fascists for the last 100 years have attempted to conjure one up. Most importantly, try to see that dismissing the contemplation of these philosophical alternatives and calling for action is rudderless and, as a matter of historical fact, fascistic. You're a good man. You've lost the footing in common sense that you had as a child. It's time to recuperate from whatever has driven you to this all-to-familiar form of enthusiasm.