Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Now

We're moving from 30% of GDP gummint, through 40% and will be at 50% in a few years, hobbling liberty and and hamstringing prosperty. We have a government that has taken its deficit spending from the 2008 level of $450B to $1.9T overnight and gussied this up as fiscal responsibility. The economy will be crushed under the enormous tax burden and wasteful spending. The debt will now be unmanageable and unimaginable. Soon enough most of the economy will be the government, even though the basic principle of American political philosophy is limited government.

All this is not irreversible. The failure will be spectacular and miserable, etching in the mind of Americans a deep impression of life under big government. Afterward, if there are enough who remember what the Founding Fathers and the original Americans created, who have observed the steady destruction of that creation over the last 100 years, and who can explain these things well, then there will be a chance to rebuild from the ruins. It's anyone's guess whether there will be enough virtue, memory and understanding amongst the generation who are children now. But if there is enough, this isn't irreversible.

If you have kids, pull them out of school and homeschool them. Quit your job if you must and work nights stocking the grocery store. Drive home history, Constitution, liberty and self-reliance. If you have grandkids, be a nosy busybody and speak to their parents about this. Offer to homeschool the kids. Twenty and thirty years from now we will need enough people who have a grasp of what's precious. Those people are languishing in government schools now. Homeschooling is now a duty, defeasible only if it is impossible for you.

[This is a comment I left over at Just One Minute.]