Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climate Change

Are you an easy mark for a con-man who wants a few grand from you every year (and from your kids and from their kids)? Don't be.

But you'll still vote for decimating the American economy and crushing the hopes of development in the Third World. Because none of your friends aren't liberals and if you don't believe in AGW they'll think you are a weirdo and make you feel guilty. That's how you decide right and wrong: by how accepted or guilty other leftists make you feel. Yes, don't reject the beliefs of your chosen liberal elite. They will shame you, make you feel guilty. Do as you're told, you little worm.

UPDATE: Of course Al won't debate him. He actually knows stuff.

Oh, and the AP says that there's no there there in Climategate? LOL. The AP is implicated in Climategate. How do you like being lied to by "news" agencies?

UPDATE: Statistician William Briggs has a series on homogenization.