Friday, November 15, 2002


In the news: several Arabic linguists have been fired from their military posts because they are gay. There is a bad shortage of Arabic linguists. Whoever is responsible for their firing should be brought up on treason charges. I guess they number in the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. Congressmen, too, I guess. They should have changed policy right after 9/11. Do you realize that they won't let you translate Arabic for the CIA or NSA if you smoked a joint in college 20 years ago? The chance that dozens of American children will be murdered is now greater thanks to these people. "I can't figure out what these Arab terrorists are saying on their cell phones. Maybe their talking about killing 100,000 Americans, I don't know. But we'll just have to hope for the best, because I sure as hell ain't having no faggits 'round here. Durned faggits! Already bad enough with the coloreds and Jews."