Friday, January 24, 2003

Blogosphere University

My readers and comment makers, and those of many other blogs, prove all the time that the blogosphere is a fine university. What a university requires is a high percentage of bright people interested in inquiry. Most universities fall short, but the blogosphere excels in this. A youngster could get a fine education by staying in the blogosphere for a year after high school. He'd have to do his reading, too. But he'd be better off than he would be going to university for a year, taking poli sci, history, and philosophy. He'd need science at university, of course.

Of course, the blogosphere is very libertarian. I'm a conservative, but my readers lambaste me as though I were Lenin, for chrissake. I'm a friggin' lefty out here! But the point is that the quality of inquiry is high in the blogosphere. Most physical campuses are the doldrums by comparison.

Plus, we have Bush in the White House and a Republican Congress (pipe down, you libertarians, and look at this high point in history!), so let's all hoist a pint this evening and be merry about what's what.