Sunday, January 26, 2003

The Blogosphere

We were speaking of the blogosphere just below. Let me just say this: Bigwig, Aaron Haspel, Noel, Vodkapundit. Good gracious! And that's just a few (already: Cold Fury, Cinderella, Blowhards, The Corner....). Okay, now look at what your daily newpaper editorial/op-ed/letters page puts out. Not so bad, but it's no blogosphere. And they work full time for good pay to put that stuff out, while those bloggers casually spin gold daily.

One Good Turn has this post and this post on intuition, consciousness, and conservatism. Eddie's brought to light an important part of the puzzle. I think anti-conservatism (leftism, liberalism, progressivism) is an effort to reinvent life and value. It's more than simply wrong. It's not even in the ball park. Consider a coach that tells the baseball team, "I will preserve for each of you a special stadium where you can play baseball of the kind you like." Put one player in each of nine equally good stadiums. Play ball! Your rights are perfectly protected now! That's liberal government. A conservative government is a coach that just stands by, lets the players play as they have done for generations, according to their intuition. He says little, but sometimes interjects softly, or forcefully, a word of advice, according to his intuition.

John Ray has insteresting stuff on Christianity and moral anthropology.