Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Reasons to Vote for John McCain

1. Here is the main reason to vote for McCain. It is two reasons in one. There are two essential values which need protection in this election:
  • It has been proven over and over again that tax-and-spend policies impoverish people, balloon the national debt, and curtail liberty. We need smaller government and lower taxes, not bigger government and higher taxes on employers.
  • It is now well-established that it is very wrong to quit a foreign war, conceding defeat and throwing the locals by the million to the wolves.
McCain will protect the first of these two values with plans to cut taxes and pork. Having protected the second value by steadfastly calling for more troops in Iraq long ago, he will likely show good judgment in foreign and military affairs in the future. Obama threatens both of these values with his promise to balloon the budget and increase taxes on employers, his tripling of wealth redistribution via IRS, and his call to pull the troops out of Iraq instead of winning the war. On these two values, Obama has obviously poor judgment and McCain has obviously good judgment.

You may wish to question McCain’s support of the invasion of Iraq in the first place. However, the view that this showed obviously poor judgment on his part is simply not a serious view. There is a strong argument that invading Iraq was both in America’s interest and morally permissible, an argument that most people would now accept if, as McCain urged, enough boots were on the ground during the 2004-2006 period and we had crushed al Qaeda in Iraq years ago instead of only after the surge McCain kept calling for.

The American economy is under duress. McCain will keep the government burden on it light, instead of piling on more debt, more government, and more taxes - with the resulting increase in unemployment.

Americans and other people wishing to be free have enemies. McCain will fight them in the right way.

This is the two-fold principle reason to vote for McCain. Now it's out on video.

That should be enough. But let's look at the other reasons:

2. After 50 years of public service, it is obvious that McCain has a moral compass of his own and one that is respectable. At 47 years of age, Obama, in contrast, has a record that is both empty of actions and dubious in its inseparability from the corrupt Chicago Machine and a far-left milieu. If you are wondering why so many critics of Obama have attacked his unsavory associations, it is because he has no resume to attack. McCain, on the other hand, has a respectable resume, including nuggets such as blowing the whistle on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mess years ago.

3. McCain will treat the health insurance problem as just that: a problem that might be ameliorated with solutions such giving you a tax cut for your health insurance expenses and getting rid of the laws against buying insurance across state lines (which would enable insurance companies to compete for business everywhere, lowering prices and increasing quality.) Obama treats the problem as a crisis demanding big-government tax-and-spend policies, forcing employers to pay for their employees’ health insurance, and providing government health insurance for all. Obama’s rhetoric about Americans’ deserving the same health insurance Congressmen have is as silly as saying that Americans deserve the same salary Congressmen have. Is that what you want? Government health care? Or do you want someone to fix this thing by keeping government out of the way?

4. Sarah Palin is an effective executive who has a record of reducing corruption and pork in government. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is useless. His major accomplishment in 35 years in the Senate is to embarrass Americans every time a conservative nominee to the Supreme Court has been up for confirmation. He has done nothing of which Americans can be proud.

5. Finally, Joe the Plumber. Joe represents the American dream: to be self-reliant, to aim at a personal goal, to achieve it, and to create wealth for oneself and others, all without being hindered by the government. Joe is a member of a classless society, in which the love of liberty unites people of all positions on the scale of wealth and in which the poor can move up the ladder. McCain understands that and wants to protect it. Obama thinks it is unfair and prefers to “spread the wealth around,” and make poor Americans entitled to receive dividends from Joe’s business. Obama will inhibit the American dream with a redistribution of the wealth via the IRS, since he views the country in terms of fixed economic classes. Having spent his whole life in a leftist milieu, he has no instinct for liberty but only for redistribution and ballooning the size and cost of government. He instinctively mocked Joe (“How many plumbers you know that are making a quarter-million dollars a year?”), rather than encouraging his dream and promising to keep government out of his way.

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