Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two More Reasons to Vote Against Obama

1. Obama will increase the number of Americans on welfare by millions. He will do this by loading up the tax code with extra tax credits and having the IRS cut checks to income tax filers, so that many who pay little or no taxes now will have a negative tax burden every year: a welfare check. In effect the millions of business owners across the country will have to write dividend checks every year to the lower half of income tax filers. This right to those dividends makes them, in effect, part owners of those businesses. This is not only welfare but socialization of American businesses. It is a powerful weapon against liberty, private property, and self-reliance. (Here's more.)

2. Obama campaigned for Marxist terrorist Raila Odinga of Kenya last year (report, report). After losing the election, Odinga used mass murder to force the winner to give him a position in the new government.