Thursday, November 26, 2009


It turns out you were lied to by the IPCC gang. Follow the money. And the power.

To catch up start with these articles by Charles Martin, all of them.

Then, read this post and all subsequent posts on that site. Guess who's money supported this CRU "research"? Yours.

For afters, don't miss this. And this.

You've been had. And now your economy is about to be crushed by Crap and Tax. Follow the money. It's called "fraud." You pay. Do you have any idea how much money there is in trading carbon credits and sucking money out of the federal government for green energy ventures? You pay. You lose. You're being defrauded. Do you have any idea how much power is embodied in the government control of how much carbon dioxide an economy generates?

No, but there's anthropogenic global warming, right? It's just that it's been taking a break for the last ten years with temperatures holding flat.

Go ahead and pay. You lose.

UPDATE: Don't miss this. What do you think of scientists who use your money to present distorted versions of their data and do not comply with FOIA requests to reveal their data and methods? Yet you want to change our economy on the basis of their pronouncements.

Follow the money and power:
If you're wondering how the robot-like march of the world's politicians towards Copenhagen can possibly continue in the face of the scientific scandal dubbed "climategate," it's because Big Government, Big Business and Big Green don't give a s*** about "the science."

They never have.

What "climategate" suggests is many of the world's leading climate scientists didn't either. Apparently they stifled their own doubts about recent global cooling not explained by their computer models, manipulated data, plotted ways to avoid releasing it under freedom of information laws and attacked fellow scientists and scientific journals for publishing even peer-reviewed literature of which they did not approve.[SNIP]

The moment they convinced politicians the way to avert the End of Days was to put a price on emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the unholy alliance of Big Government, Big Business and Big Green was forged.

Big Government wants more of your taxes. Big Business wants more of your income. Big Green wants you and your children to bow down to its agenda of enforced austerity.

What about saving the planet, you ask? This was never about saving the planet. This is about money and power. Your money. Their power.

If it was about saving the planet, "cap-and-trade" (a.k.a. cap-and-tax) -- how Big Government, Big Business and Big Green ludicrously pretend we will "fight" global warming and "save the planet" -- would have been consigned to the dust bin of history because it doesn't work. We know it doesn't work because Europe's five-year-old cap-and-trade market -- the Emissions Trading Scheme -- has done nothing to make the world cooler.

All it's done is make hedge fund managers, speculators and Big Energy giddy with windfall profits, while making everyone else poorer by driving up the cost of energy, and thus of most goods and services, which need energy to be lighted, heated, cooled, grown, constructed, manufactured, produced and transported.

Fascism is that form of leftism in which a cabal of government, business and media kleptocrats screw you out of your future. You support it? You're a fascist or one of their useful idiots.

UPDATE: Delete the data. Hide the decline.