Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things You Believe
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming is pretty well confirmed by the scientific evidence. Our release of CO2 has caused the climate to warm. There is no evidence to the contrary.
  • Cap and Trade is a great idea. It will create jobs, lowering the unemployment rate, and help cool the planet.
  • The belief that economic stimulus - spending by the federal government in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs - works is based on sound economic evidence.
  • Sarah Palin is stupid, ignorant, and a silly, while Barack Obama is smart, knowledgeable and accomplished.
  • The only reasons there is any resistance to the federal government's plan to take over the health insurance industry are selfishness, ignorance and stupidity. The values at stake in the debate are fairness, decency and justice on the one side and greed on the other.
  • We should make private health insurance companies illegal and let the government be the only health insurance provider.
  • We have double-digit unemployment and will do so for the foreseeable future because of what Republicans did in the past.
  • Our guys in the military are stupid and have no other viable options in life and therefore are being taken advantage of by our government.
  • Good solid conservatives worth listening to for the sake of your open-minded fairness are chiefly David Brooks and David Gergen.
  • MSNBC is fair while FOX News is extremely biased.
  • The opposition to Barack Obama is attributable to racism and ignorance.