Sunday, October 20, 2002

A blowhard named Michael has a good reply to my post on envy. Michael says leftism might attract followers because it offers a more sensually gratifying aesthetic. (Ever notice the uncanny feeling you get when you find out that a partying rocker dude you know is politically conservative?) Good stuff, check it out, and the comments.

Quick sensual gratification - without all the hard work of achieving a more refined variety (sloth is involved, as commentor Byna points out at 2blowhards). This makes sense. Conservatives - a bit stiff? But Michael should see that conservatives do get the gratification: just the more refined variety (the Mozart, not the Black Flag). And it is entirely plausible that they are having good sex, too. But one look at a sensually liberated lefty on your first day at college, and you might just be saying "Yowsa! Leftism is for me!" Whereas the College Republicans in blue blazers....

Anyway, guess who will in the end have the deepest, most lasting, and most fulfilling gratification of desire. You guessed it: those who follow a long tradition of ways discovered over the ages to lead to such a gratification.