Saturday, October 19, 2002

Do You Feel Like I Do?
Philosoblog would like to emote, if you don't mind.

Feeling #1:
Utter loss of patience with American America haters and the terrorists trying to kill us.
Solution: Start ignoring the former; as for the latter, one can only hope that the war picks up speed. Try to keep mind on other things.

Feeling #2:
Utter boredom with idiotarians. Visceral indignance? No, the thrill is gone. After the 783rd time revisiting idiotarian diatribe, the eyes begin to glaze, and thoughts begin to turn to reading something of value, such as The Byzantine Empire, Antigone, or what have you.
Solution: ignore the blither. Or amuse oneself with neofisking:
First you quote the idiotarian's article. Next you type this comment: "Zzzzzzzz." Another line from the article, followed by another "Zzzzzz." Etc. This, my friend, is neofisking.