Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Today I hate my country. We couldn't even pay our last respects to an exemplary American. Maybe we have no values. What's there? Maybe there's no "there" there. Now: decline and fall. Today I hate my country.

UPDATE: Okay, I'm over my little fit. With people like Bob Dole, Bigwig, and the guy who drove his lawnmower hundreds of miles to see his sick brother, we're alright. Oh, yes, and Matt Groening. And Letterman. Oh, jeez, yes: and the President! Thank God for George W. Bush!

And thank God for the Vodkapundit, Lileks, Aaron Haspel at godofthemachine, and the Instapundit for their kind words about Senator Wellstone. (And thank you Senator Lott, Governor Ventura, and Senator Domenici.)

[Voice of Stuart Smalley, Minnesotan]: You know, I feel pretty good about this country! Back to normal!