Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Illness of the Republic

The topic is the illness on the body politic which has been deepening for some time.

We are about to elect a man with no achievements on his resume, a Chicago Machine politician posing as a reformer. We will not elect the man who called the Surge right all along and who authored legislation to clean up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac about four years ago, along with other GOP. It doesn't occur to you that this legislation was blocked by Obama and other Democrats. Obama sued banks (see 9/27/08) to make them give people mortgages who could not afford them. "As a young attorney in the 1990s, Barack Obama represented ACORN in Washington in their successful efforts to expand Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) authority." He looks in your eye and blames the crisis on the Republicans' philosophy of liberty. CRA and ACORN caused the bad mortgages, but you will put him in the White House.

McCain whom you will not elect also is widely knowledgeable about national and international affairs. There is no sign of his competitor's being in his league on that score, but you thought he looked smooth enough, even if oddly angry, at a debate with McCain, so you count them even on knowledge.

You believe that the GOP caused the current financial crisis by causing Wall Street "greed." It doesn't appear relevant to you that that the Democrats' Community Reinvestment Act and their Fannie and Freddy caused the $2T in bad mortgages and the resultant housing bubble that would pop, exposing the rot.

You are against the ticket with the reformer who straightened out a state on the bottom of the ticket, but you will support the ticket with the pseudo-reformer with nothing on his resume on its top. The VP candidate you disdain slashed earmarks and cleaned up the corruption in the state government caused by her corrupt co-partisans. The presidential candidate you prefer did nothing. He also mades tons of earmarks while McCain made none, but you read where somehow Palin has her hand in the earmark cookie jar more than Obama does if divide by the number of people in their respective states. Even though Palin slashed and Obama tucked in, you are satisfied that it was the reverse. And that McCain took none doesn't matter to you. Yet, he is the one at the top of the ticket; not Palin.

The McCain ticket VP has proven executive prowess: the power to make and execute the right decisions. The Obama ticket P has never demonstrated any of this prowess, although he did try once, frittering away $100M on nonsense for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

You will vote for Obama because it makes you feel pleasure to think of him, see him, or hear him. McCain and Palin make you feel cold. You find them too religious, for example, when Palin hoped that her government was doing God's will. Lincoln expressed this hope, but that's okay since he wasn't a back woods bumpkin who didn't go to a good eastern college. Wait, he was. But never mind that. You're in a stupor and lovingly dreaming that Palin's Christian life is deranged. That Obama went to a sociopathic and racist church for 20 years doesn't register with you.

The intellectual fabric of this political body has become so thin that the republic is in danger. Even the perceptual faculty called "the press" has gone dim, infected with leftwing and Democratic bias, and becoming largely an arm of the Democratic Party. There is still some good press, but it's survives amidst this widespread propaganda that merely passes for press.

You didn't even notice that I didn't mention Biden. That's another manifestation of the disease. Not only is your favored ticket without anyone in the P slot, but also it has no one in the VP slot. Without noticing, you proceed.

We have somehow lost our ability to elect good leaders, and we detest this situation but we don't see that we are the ones electing bad leaders because we have been spoiled, misinformed, and hypnotized into a stupor which enables us to accept that falsehoods are true and truths false. The moral fiber of the republic is still there. But it's been stricken with disease. It's up to Americans to lift themselves out of the funk.

In short, you have a possible depression looming and you have witnessed certain American leaders try to get America to accept a defeat in Iraq and turn Iraq over to al Qaeda, rather than go for the victory which we just achieved. You will vote for the man who was on the wrong side of both of these crucial issues and against the man who lead the way on the right side.