Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten Reasons to Vote Against Obama

1. Obama has no substantive accomplishments on his resume.

2. His plan for withdrawal from Iraq would have handed Iraq and America a terrible defeat and given al Qaeda and assorted other miscreants a great victory. Suffering and oppression in Iraq would have been radically increased for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness we went with McCain, Petraeus, and Bush and crushed the enemy instead. Obama's mistake is disqualifying in a candidate for Commander in Chief.

3. He insists upon multiplying the size of government and transferring wealth from the rich to the poor (without admitting it but instead calling it a tax cut for the poor.) This clinging to the last century's now-discredited leftism shows that he has no understanding of the importance of liberty, self-reliance, and self-determination.

4. He told voters in a TV ad that John McCain was an anti-Mexican racist. With no evidence. In Spanish. Obama also claimed that his opponents would urge voters not to vote for him because he is black. Politicians simply don't come any lower than the level of the race pimp. Perhaps Obama learned this trade during his decades at the knee of his sociopathic preacher Jeremiah Wright.

5. Under the mentorship of sociopathic terrorist Bill Ayers Obama wasted $100 million of a foundation's money on stupid lefty pedagogy and other wasteful education industry nonsense for Chicago schools. No wonder this, his only executive experience, is left out of his bio; it's a disgrace.

6. Obama didn't have the backbone to say this week, "My party is chiefly to blame for the financial illness threatening to ruin the American economy today. Democrats pushed Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to make bad loans. We stopped Senator McCain and President Bush in their effort to clean the mess up three years ago." Instead, Obama claimed that McCain's philosophy of small government was at fault. This is a man who can't take responsibility for his failures. In fact, Obama sued (see 9/27/08) to cause banks to make the bad loans.

7. Obama told Americans that he hadn't heard Jeremiah Wright's sociopathic and racist lectures during his decades in the pews. Later he admitted that he had heard them. Obama subjected himself and his children to the filth in which Wright spewed upon his congregation of angry bigots. It's despicable and he lied about it because he knows it's despicable.

8. Obama finds it difficult to speak extemporaneously about policy. Although glib in casual conversation and narrative, he cannot hold forth on policy in fluent English prose. This is the telltale sign of a certain stupidity about ideas and reasons for them, a certain deficit in critical thinking skills. And there is no sign of common sense, life experience and executive talent to make up for this intelligence deficit.

9. He said that he would raise taxes on the rich even if this would decrease tax revenue. His reason was that he wants to make the rich pay more. So, Obama would increase the deficit in order to make rich people pay more, even though they already pay the overwhelming majority of the income taxes. This is unforgivably stupid and immoral.

10. Obama poses as a reformer, when in fact he is a Chicago Machine politician who looks the other way and plays along to get along. He is part of the problem and he lies about it, claiming that he is somehow the reformer who is going to clean up the problem.