Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Palin on AIG

AIG will be rescued and its parts slowly auctioned off by the federal government, in order to avoid profound upheaval in the national and global business world. Government needs to reform itself so that it refrains from screwing up businesses and it needs to institute regulations that prevent companies that are of AIG's pervasive importance from being led into dead ends by ratings changes or foolish risk-taking. We need smart, tight, streamline regulation with minimum meddling by busybodies, such as Eliott Spitzer or the politicians whose toys are Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.

In any event, Palin Gets the Financial Crisis, While Obama/Biden are Clueless. Palin:

"Dissapointed that taxpayers are called upon to bailout another one,” she said. “Certainly AIG though with the construction bonds that they’re holding and with the insurance that they are holding very, very impactful to Americans so you know the shot that has been called by the Feds its understandable but very, very disappointing that taxpayers are called upon for another one.”

It's regrettable and necessary, and we need to reform government to help reduce the likelihood of similar problems in the future. Palin is going to be a great vice president, one with a role in conservative government reform.