Monday, September 01, 2008

The Palin-Reagan Comparison

Calm down. It isn't good to get excited or enthusiastic in politics, except for the odd brief moment here and there. These are states which inhibit cool deliberation. Hooray! Okay? That's it. Now calm down.

I've already seen "Palin" and "Reagan" issue forth in the same sentence from excited conservatives a time or two. But her remarkable goodness, inner strength and executive talent aren't enough. They understandably make one think there may be a new Gipper on tap. But Palin needs to do two more things to get into the Reagan league.
  1. Demonstrate a command of international and national affairs.
  2. Demonstrate a command of the Constitution, including its philosophy.
If she does the first, McCain will win, and Palin will take her place as a national leader. If she does the second, as well, then, yes, you're looking at one of the next great statesmen. Even so, to be a Reagan, you need in addition the luck of historical moment. So, just calm down.