Saturday, August 15, 2009

But It's Not Fascism

What is it called when big business gets strong-armed by a socialist party to give up dough and political patronage? Kleptocracy? Ah, yes. Fascism.

Oh, really? Oh, really. Sadly, yes.

Well, you voted for this asshole because you wanted hope and change, because he was black, and because your resentment of perceived Republican "wars for oil" gave you a sense of moral purpose which he preyed upon. Could you possibly be any more shallow and gullible? Well, if you also pulled the lever for Nancy or Barney you could.

When totalitarians take power they do so partly by convincing the resentful that the more conservative elements vying for power are totalitarians. They're very good at this. They even make you believe that those who favor limiting governmental power are fascists in cahoots with big business. Such confusion!

UPDATE: Ouch, ouch, and ouch. What's a lefty to do? Keep making stuff up, as usual.