Friday, August 21, 2009


Dennis is right a lot.

Indeed. If you're an economic egalitarian you have a duty to impoverish yourself by giving all of your excess money to charity. Either there is an injustice in your having more than someone else or there isn't.

Not a single leftist complies with this duty. They're all malcontents and posers.

Okay, the tedious objection: "We object to the system as it is. It's not fair that only we and no other wealthy people should give our money to the poor. So, we are justified in keeping our new Volvos and IRAs until the system is changed."

Reply: Uh, huh. Some people are in a burning house. You are in a crowd of onlookers standing outside. None in the crowd will help, despite your pleas. You could save some of the people in the house, but it's not fair that you be the only one. So, you decline to offer help and you go on sipping your $4 latte.

Hogwash. Sorry, but if you are on the left and you are rich, then you are a hypocrite.