Friday, August 14, 2009

DtheP: Nailed...

Well, yeah.
I'll say it again: Barack Obama is an utterly conventional, inside-the-box thinker. He has spent a life time carefully studying, and then dutifully repeating, what he was taught by his Leftist Elders. For doing so, he was handsomely rewarded.

Now Obama is called to do something he has never done before - think for himself - and he is at sea. And because he cannot think through to the new processes he promised, he must - by default - fall back on the old ones. The health care debate has cruelly exposed this, and it is exactly why so much of the health care industry is finding itself quite comfortable dealing with this Administration.

In Barack Obama, special interests now completely understand they have exactly the sort of man they have always dealt with in the past. You can't blame them for being tickled to death.
Read the whole thing. Add to this the narcissism, amorality and mediocre intellect, and you get the whole picture.