Thursday, August 27, 2009

You've Been Had

VDH sums it up.

You voted for a charlatan who had never accomplished anything in his life and who has difficulty speaking in paragraphs when the teleprompter isn't around. Yes, you are really that shallow and ignorant. He tripled the deficit. The depression will be your fault. And the double-digit unemployment which will last for years. And the rationing of health-care. Perhaps we can dismantle and clean up your mess in the '20s. Probably not.

At least we can get a chuckle out of his doing rendition and torturing white-collar criminals. Yes, at least there's that. Of course, you're screaming for his impeached for that, right? I, sorry, I forgot. He's a leftist. So, it doesn't bother you.

You've been had. Wait until the next generation finds out what you did.

UPDATE: Enjoy your totalitarianism. Pity about the loss of liberty and prosperity though. Oh, well, at least you've satisfied your fetish for leftist ideology. How do you like it?