Sunday, August 09, 2009


Remember these values?
  • Liberty
  • Self-reliance
  • Hard-work
  • Property
  • Community
  • Charity
  • Limited government
  • Non-covetousness (refraining from envy)
  • The formation of society as people prefer, unrestrained by government.
  • Anti-megalomania (e.g., George Washington)
  • Low taxes
These are values to be treasured. Productive of good lives, protective of rights, they are at the core of American values. Cherished less and less in America, they fade away.

Consider these values:
  • Economic equality: everyone having the same amount of wealth.
  • Large welfare state, unlimited in its power to take from the rich and regulate life.
  • Security and ease of life, not having to worry about taking care of oneself.
  • A society designed, top-down, and the design implemented, top-down, by leaders in government.
These are not values to be cherished. They are not at the core of American values. They are the values of statism (the phenomenon which at its extreme is totalitarianism, at its weakest is the European, Canadian and American socialist welfare state and in its flavors is any of the forms of leftism: communism, socialism, or fascism.) These values are not productive of good lives or protective of rights. Yet, their role in American society increases. During the last eighty years, with the rise of leftism in Europe and America, they have been replacing the American values.

The two sets of values are incompatible. You must choose which side you are on. Europe has chosen. America has been choosing and is still choosing. It must choose the American side or the statist side.

Say, out loud, "capitalism, free market economy." Do you feel a certain disdain, a hatred, and anger in the pit of your stomach? If so, then you have been trained to choose statism already. Who would have done such a thing to you? Who would stand to gain power from your support for statist policies? You should review that decision.

You must decide which society you will give to your children.