Monday, August 03, 2009

You Are Insane

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are broke. We are out of money and have only creditors to float on. There is a depression. The unemployment rate will be double-digit for the foreseeable future. Yet, you want to start another government health care program on the grounds of fiscal responsibility. And you want to raise taxes. You also want to hamstring any industry which emits greenhouse gases - any industry which uses energy - even as the earth's temperature has been flat for the entire decade, exploding the global warming models.

$400B deficits were considered monstrosities a decade ago. Now we accept permanent deficits of over $1T without objection. Consider the woman who used to feel horror at her husband's imbibing six glasses of scotch every night. Now she willingly purchases the entire bottle he imbibes in the morning and the one he imbibes at night. Passive, dull, broken, she submits. She even shares in the delight he derives from drowning his resentments in booze. This is her life now. She no longer knows any other. She knows she lies to herself. She no longer cares.

Liberty, self-reliance, and limited government are not even memories anymore. The insanity has grown for the last eighty years. The patient is no longer the same person as the healthy young man he once was. You can still from time to time see something in the eyes, though. Something longing, something panicking, a frenzied resolve to turn things around, unable to move. A light of awareness. A sorrow. But the light is usually not there in the eyes, which usually glower, dull, ignorant and brutal, while the morbidly obese body plods on, wallowing in its own waste, bellowing in pride as it erects a throne of feces at the bottom of the grave which it took eighty years to dig for itself. It will be dead before it can be buried alive. When the earth is dumped in only its children will be there to receive it, bewildered, doomed.